USA: Murphy Announces Completion of Local Beach Replenishment

Murphy Announces Completion of Local Beach Replenishment

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy has announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed the restoration projects for the Fort Pierce and Martin County beaches to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The significant erosion caused by the hurricane last year left residents more vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.

Murphy said, “I am grateful for the unprecedented pace at which the Army Corps of Engineers restored these beaches to their pre-Sandy conditions. I am especially glad to see these projects completed before the start of hurricane season. Renourishing these beaches will strengthen our local economies, help preserve the environment, and provide more protection for residents from natural disasters.”

Since taking office, Murphy has worked to secure funding for local Army Corps projects, including these vital renourishment efforts. “From day one, beach restoration projects have been one of my top priorities,” Murphy said. “Our environment and economy are intricately connected and these renourishment projects have strengthened both.”

Congressman Murphy has met regularly with officials to advocate for local Army Corps projects since being elected. On March 26th Murphy announced that funding would be awarded for several local dredging and renourishment projects.


Press Release, May 30, 2013