Germany: Josef Möbius Wins Dradenau Land Reclamation Contract

Josef Möbius Wins Dradenau Land Reclamation Contract.

Hamburg Port Authority AöR has awarded the Port of Dradenau land reclamation contract to Josef Möbius Bau-GmbH.

This development program includes filling of the intermediate bearing silt Dradenau harbour area by installation of wet sand and silt.

The Dradenau reclamation project also consists of balancing the mud surface (about 7,000 m) by filling sand (about 160,000 m³) with subsequent lowering of the water table (pumping of approx. 250,000 m³).

Josef Möbius Bau-GmbH uses their hopper dredgers to undertake dredging works up to 35 m deep in harbours, deepening of navigable channels, large-scale sand flushing and land reclamation measures.


Dredging Today Staff, May 31, 2013; Image: moebiusbau