CCCC Third Harbor Bags Oufei Reclamation Deal (China)

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CCCC Third Harbor Bags Oufei Reclamation Deal.

On May 3, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for Lot I of the Phase 1 Oufei reclamation project in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a contract value of some 980 million yuan and a construction period of 2,551 days.

Located on the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province and the east coast of the Ou River estuary and the Feiyun River estuary, with a planned reclamation area of some 132,800 mu, the project covers the north, east and south dykes. Lot I won by the company involves works such as underwater foundation treatment, water conservancy cofferdam, sluices, roads & bridges and management houses.

The project will lay a solid foundation for pushing forward the integrated development of Zhejiang’s marine resources and building Wenzhou metropolitan ecological function zone in the northwest of the Taiwan Straits.


Press Release, June 4, 2013