WODCON XX: Dredging Projects, Science and Technology (Belgium)

CEDA announces that the leading dredging event WODCON XX opened its doors on June 3, 2013.

Here are some lines from the eminent speakers at this prestigious event.

“In the future, the dredging industry has a crucial and constructive role to play responding to many of the future challenges with regard to climate change. Likewise, the rapidly evolving renewables market has been, and will be, an important driver for the industry’s marine construction specialists in the coming years. Driven by innovation, DEME affirms its position as a global solutions provider, specializing in infrastructure, sea level rise protection and services for energy, oil & gas and mining companies. WODCON offers a unique platform for an intensive exchange of all these pioneering ideas and innovations. The trend towards a multidisciplinary approach of activities makes CEDA not only a place for dredging contractors, but for all people involved in the dredging business including authorities, governmental bodies, decision-makers, academics, both students and professors in engineering, bio-engineering, chemistry, soil mechanics, etc.“, said Alain Bernard, CEO of DEME.

“To be sustainable, today’s dredging projects extensively draw on science and technology and the pace of development is incredible. Experts must stay abreast with all that to be able to do their job well. While a lot of information is available on the internet, nothing can replace face-to-face discussions and debate. That is why events like WODCONs that provide an independent forum for such an exchange are essential“, said Anders Jensen WODA Chairman and CEDA President.


WODCON is the gathering of the dredging industry professionals to share their knowledge. It is also a forum for information exchange with regard to the new technologies in the dredging area, including discussions about the key environment issues. Last but not least, we have an opportunity to meet “old” friends who we have been working with over these years”, said David Padman, EADA Chairman.

“CEDA and WODCON altogether are the platforms by excellence for keeping contact with the larger community of decision-takers, scientists, engineers and surveyors involved in the world of dredging and maritime engineering. Pushing the limits of developments in the marine world every time further requires ever more performing equipment and skills, able to mitigate environmental impacts. The future will most probably contemplate a larger diversification of the fields of dredging and maritime works – integrated coastal zone protection, deep-sea mining, alternative energy- production,… – and a consolidation of the existing specialities – ports and waterways, offshore field developments, reclamations,… – with the focus onto sustainable development and sustainable exploitation of natural resources. Jan De Nul is yet prepared and fully equipped with modern technologies and fleet to meet these future challenges“, said Bernard Malherbe, Director Project Development and Conceptual Design, Jan De Nul Group.

Dredging Today Staff, June 5, 2013

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By advertising your job here, on the homepage of DredgingToday.com, you'll reach countless professionals in the sector. For more information, click below...