WODCON XX: TSHD Dredging Pump Operation Condition Analysis

TSHD Dredging Pump Operation Condition Analysis

In recent years, Chinese dredging companies have been actively taking pail in the domestic and foreign dredging market.

They have built a large numbers of cutter suction dredgers, CSDs & trailer suction hopper dredgers, TSHDs with the Chinese dredging equipment makers developing and improving a lot. The heart of these dredgers is the dredge pump. Pumps are designed to meet many requirements. Dredge pumps are no different, being required to pump dredged material with different densities, from various depths and over varying distances before discharge.

This study is based on a dredging pump model TK1200 which was designed to meet the requirements and functions of different dredgers. In this instance it was installed on a 18000m3 TSHD and this study will analyse and calculate the vessel’s loading and shore pumping condition for the transfer of different soils, get the results of production and the determine the power required for each working condition.

This will finalize the dredging pump’s parameters and the necessary engine power required for dredging. It also will decide while dredging different soil material, the depth of dredging, production, discharge distance, transfer density, etc. It is hoped that this can provide help when making equipment choices and provide support for dredging projects.

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Dredging Today Staff, June 7, 2013

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