WODCON XX: Land Reclamation by Using Mixture of Dredged Soil and Converter Slag

Land Reclamation Using Mixture of Dredged Soil and Converter Slag

A lot of dredged material removal has occurred in recent years for maintaining the depth of channels and anchorages.

Also, a lack of the land for the disposal of dredged soil has become a problem.

At the same time, converter slag that has properties such as wear resistance or hydraulic properties has been used as a civil works material in areas such as roadbeds. However, with the reduction of public construction recently, development of new usages is expected.

Therefore, we have developed in coastal areas the utilization of at mixture of dredged soil and converter slag (usually called “slag stabilized soil”). From previous studies, characteristics such as hardening and a suppressed increase in pH is known.

It is used as a material for the “padding” of tidal flats and marine forests, and for backfilling hollows where a large quantity of sand from the sea bottom has been placed for urban development.

Based on an experiment using a pneumatic flow mixing method where slag stabilized soil was used as a material for reclamation, large-scale rapid reclamation work was performed with the aim of satisfying an average strength of 50kN/ nr (long-term curing).

At the same time it was confirmed that there was 110 adverse influence 011 the water quality in the peripheral sea area during the reclamation period.

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Dredging Today Staff, June 10, 2013


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