Italy: Dragflow Launches New Line of Electric Control Panel

Dragflow Launches New Line of Electric Control Panel

Dragflow has launched the new line of advanced electric control panel, the new product which allows real time and historical monitoring of pumps and dredging equipment.

With Dragflow’s control panel remote engineers can control working operations, their parameters and inspect downtime causes, obtaining a complete overview of the status of the equipment.

The new control panel is available in three different versions.

The Basic version is equipped with reactor start, soft start and the inverter control panel. All the components are top class, because they are designed and manufactured by important brand such as Rockwell, Exor and Mitsubishi.

Electricity, current and voltages can be measured both with ammeter and voltmeter: the input can vary between 380 V – 50 Hz and 460-575 V – 60 Hz.

The Plus version is provided with a high-performance internal touchscreen HMI’s, a display 4,3’’ TFT 16:9 for setting and immediate parameters inspection, and a Usb-Sd card slot to store the working activities, that permit the excel data analysis on working parameters history.

The Full-control version, equipped with the same components of the Plus version, guarantees to engineers the opportunity to inspect equipment working condition and history.

Furthermore it’s has 3G/3G+ networks and Ethernet connection for real-time remote monitoring and control and it permit a full Internet access to machine parameters.


Dredging Today Staff, June 11, 2013