MTI Holland Opens GDC-IHC Dredging Technology Training Centre (China)

MTI Holland Opens GDC-IHC Dredging Technology Training Centre1

MTI Holland announces that on June 17, 2013, the GDC-IHC Dredging Technology Training Centre successfully opened at the Guangzhou Dredging Training School (a subsidiary of CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co. Ltd.).

This is the follow-up of a 5-year cooperative agreement, signed on December 13, 2012, between GDC, IHC Dredging Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., and the Training Institute for Dredging (TID).

In the newly opened training centre, the parties involved will continue their cooperation and carry out the Dredge Operator Certificate System (DOCS). DOCS is developed in close collaboration with TID and GDC. It allows for assessment and management of individual operators according to the job description. Based on the outcomes of these assessments the training needs for each individual operator can be identified. In this way existing competences can be improved or new ones can be developed. The agreement is a continuation of several years of cooperation between GDC and TID on DOCS. It will ensure a smooth implementation and operation of DOCS in the GDC organisation and is expected to lead DOCS towards a national accreditation system in China.

Based on this agreement IHC rents out its IHC 7025 MP and IHC 8527 MP cutter simulators to GDC on a part-time basis. To enable GDC to continuously optimise the dredging competences of its crew, TID will assist GDC with the development of tailor-made training programmes for dredging operators. Moreover, TID will design and execute dedicated trainings for GDC staff on project engineering and project management. TID will also train GDC’s own trainers, in order to improve the educational level of GDC’s training school.


Press Release, July 8, 2013