MMO Approves Wells Harbour Dredging (UK)

MMO Approves Wells Harbour Dredging

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has confirmed it has approved an application from Wells Harbour Commissioners (WHC) relating to dredging of the harbour.

The new licence, granted by the MMO using its powers under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, enables the disposal of dredged material to continue within the Wells Harbour disposal sites and sets out a number of conditions WHC must also adhere to in doing this.

The MMO took into account representations made as part of the consultation process and also worked closely with WHC to ensure adequate information and data was provided to enable the assessment of disposal works at the harbour. This information was vital in enabling the MMO to determine whether or not any potential impacts to the marine environment could occur as a result of the disposal activity. The licence could not have been determined without such information as the MMO needed to make sure work would be compliant with all relevant legislation.

This licence also follows the MMO’s earlier approval on 13 June of an emergency application for limited dredging to be carried out and enable operations at Wells Harbour to continue in a safe manner.


Press Release, July 16, 2013