USA: King Amendment to Prohibit Corps Sediment Dumping Adopted

King Amendment to Prohibit Corps Sediment Dumping Adopted

DC- Congressman Steve King (IA-04) released the following statement after his amendment to the FY2014 Energy and Water Appropriations Act was adopted.

The amendment prohibits the US Army Corps of Engineers from dumping dredged spoil from shallow water habitat into the Missouri River.

Sediment dumping, a practice that is detrimental to both environmental and flood control interests along the river, should not be available to government entities like the Corps of Engineers who should be held to an equal or higher standard than private parties,” said King.

Iowans, individuals and agricultural production businesses are limited in their ability to add nutrient-containing soil to the river, and the Corps should be subject to the same limitation. I am pleased the House adopted this legislative change and I look forward to continuing the conversation about the river with Governor Branstad, the Corps, stakeholders of the river, and the Appropriations Committee all of whom are working with me in a productive manner. Now that the House has rejected this method it’s time for the states to introduce the same.

This amendment highlights the inappropriate priorities for river management. Unfortunately, last year the federal government spent $70 million on habitat recovery and construction for species such as the pallid sturgeon. As part of construction of that habitat, the Corps dumps millions of cubic yards of soil into the river. The current priorities do not serve the interest of Iowans or the federal government.”


Press Release, July 17, 2013