VIDEO: Watermaster’s Applications in Mining Industry

Watermaster’s Applications in Mining Industry

Watermaster has presented a new video about its applications in the mining industry.

These main applications are:

1. Slimes removal

– removing mineral sediments, slimes, from process ponds to keep them from clogging the pumps and lowering the production rate;

– slimes removal from rain/groundwater ponds in open pit mines.

2. Recovering valuable materials

– pumping coal back to the process from drainage ponds;

– pumping old tailings back to the process for reprosessing;

– collecting spilled ore.

3. Maintaining tailings ponds

– keeping tailings ponds in good condition and maintaining the volume;

– pumping tailings to final deposit location and recovering leaked tailings;

– stregthening tailings pond banks.

Watermaster’s versatility and mobility offers many benefits for projects in tailings ponds and process ponds in mines and enrichment plants.

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Dredging Today Staff, July 17, 2013