Malaysia: CHEC Wins Samalaju Port Breakwater Project

CHEC Wins Samalaju Port Breakwater Project

On July 16, CHEC won the bid for Samalaju Port Breakwater Project in Sarawak, Malaysia, with a contract amount of over 300 million Malaysian Ringgits (about USD 100 million) and a construction period of 30 months.

The breakwater is located in Samalaju Industrial District in Sarawak, Malaysia, including two sections, with a total length of 3.9km; its structural form is riprap sloping breakwater.

This project called for bids in April, 2013; through fierce competition, CHEC defeated MMC, TRC, INAI KIARA and other contractors with powerful strength and finally won the award of bid.


Press Release, July 26, 2013