Anzali Port Expansion Starts (Iran)

Anzali Port Expansion Starts

Construction of 5 berths and a 20-ha warehouse has been started in Anzali port.

Mr. Kouhsari, Director General of the port said that this project is undertaken by the private sector in the framework of 30-month contract.

These berths are built as a part of the port’s development plan.

Last month the first phase of Astara port was put into operation.

Astara is a small port in Gilan province under the supervision of Anzali Port Authority.

Furthermore, the first phase of the construction activities of Chamkhaleh port, another small port in Gilan province, was initiated.

In the meeting of the PMO’s board of managers, Mr. Sadr, Managing Director, emphasized that required planning should be made for completion of the current projects in ports by the end of the year with a view to increase the ports’ capacity.


Press Release, August 1, 2013; Image: trekearth