Long Branch Beach Replenishment Can Start, Official Says (USA)

Long Branch Beach Replenishment Can Start (USA)

All the easements the USACE needs to start the Long Branch beach replenishment project have been secured, says Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider.

“Talks are ongoing with some of the properties, but we have everything for the current contract so things are going well,” US Army Corps of Engineers Regional Manager Jenifer Thalhauser said.

The longbranch.patch.com reports that the Mayor added: “We will need the easements in the future but we don’t need them now.

“We were real concerned that we weren’t ready and wouldn’t end up ready,” Schneider said. “The last thing we wanted to hear was that were more things that needed to get done.”

Schneider said he is a beach replenishment supporter and said it will help protect Long Branch’s oceanfront and inland from future storm damage.


Dredging Today Staff, August 1, 2013


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