USA: Avalon Completes Entire Dredging Operation

USA Avalon Completes Entire Dredging Operation

Avalon posted an update on the Stone Harbor/southern Avalon beach fill project on Wednes­day, July 31st:

“The entire sand dredg­ing oper­a­tion is com­plete. No addi­tional sand will be dredged on the beaches.

Accord­ing to Brian Miller from Nor­folk Dredg­ing, the lines have already been cleaned and flushed, and it is very likely that the removal of the pipe will begin Wednes­day after­noon, July 31st.

The only work that remains from 78th-80th streets in Avalon is some final grad­ing of the sand to pro­vide a safe, gen­tle slope per the tem­plate cre­ated by the United States Army Corps of Engi­neers. Accord­ing to Mr. Miller, once the sur­veys are com­pleted and the work approved, those beaches will reopen to the pub­lic.

The pub­lic can con­tinue to access the beaches in the hotel dis­trict but will be directed to a block or two around the work area until the final grad­ing is com­pleted with mechan­i­cal eqi­up­ment today.


Press Release, August 1, 2013