CCCC Second Harbor Inks Nicaragua Canal Feasibility Study Contract

CCCC Second Harbor Inks Contract for Nicaragua Canal Feasibility Study

CCCC Second Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd. has recently signed the contract for the feasibility study project of the port part of Nicaragua canal, with a contract value of 4.32 million US dollars.

The project won by the company involves the feasibility study report, engineering survey, geographical survey, hydrological survey and tidal observation of the port part of Nicaragua canal development project.

It is the first project signed by the company in Central America, which has laid the groundwork for the company to march towards the Central and South American market.

According to sources, HKND signed the contract for Nicaragua canal development project with the Nicaraguan government in August 2012, with a total estimated investment of 40 billion US dollars.

The project involves digging a canal linking the Pacific to the Atlantic, constructing a deepwater port, a free trade zone and an international airport on both ends of the canal.

The canal is scheduled to be open to navigation in six years. After the project is completed, another canal navigable to 400000t freighters will appear between the Atlantic and the Pacific apart from the Panama Canal, which is expected to undertake 10 percent of the world’s total shipping volume.


Press Release, August 5, 2013