Bandar Abbas Port Development Underway (Iran)

Bandar Abbas Port Development Underway

Bandar Abbas port is currently constructing a number of 15 container and oil terminal in back-up area of the port, the port official said.

Mr. Stiri, Acting Director General of the port said that these terminals are under construction in an area of 80 ha with an investment worth 46 million USD. He also added that these projects have had 80% progress to date.

Stating that expansion of the port’s hinterland is on the agenda, Mr. Stiri said that in addition to the current projects, a 2500 ha area has been allocated for creation of a cargo logistic zone. In this respect, he went on to say that industrial centers will be built in this logistic zone and explained that the raw materials of ships will be processed into finished products by value added activities.

Among advantages of creation of this zone, Mr. Stiri listed: reduced finished costs of the products, development of cargo re-export, increased transit and transshipment and bunkering activities, creation of the logistic and container terminal and grail silos.

Mr. Stiri said that logistic zone can be first step for turning Bandar Abbas into a hub port in the region. He added that this move will push the port’s normal capacity from current 100 million tons up to 200 million ton per annum.

In this respect, Deputy Managing Director for the maritime affair said that the port calls to Bandar Abbas has increased this year. Mr. Pesaran said that the reason behind this rise is development of the port’s hinterland adding that a number of 1280 ships have entered into the port demonstrating a 5% growth compared to the same period last year. On the type of the entering ship to the port, he said that they included container, tankers, general cargo and bulk carriers.


Press Release, August 15, 2013