Gabon: Cofra Applies CDC Compaction Method in Port Gentil

Cofra Applies CDC Compaction Method in Port Gentil

In week 28 Cofra started the compaction at the Gabon Fertilizer Project in Port Gentil as a subcontractor for a joint venture between Boskalis and Van Oord.

The compaction is executed using three 16 tonne Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC) hammers that are operational day and night, seven days a week. The CDC method is applied at the project site of 540.000m2 to improve the density of the reclaimed material and under laying subsoil up to a depth of 8 meters below the surface.

The purpose of the compaction is to minimize the total settlement and the risk of differential settlement of the foundations for the future buildings of an Ammonia-Urea Fertilizer Plant. The plant will convert the underutilized, domestic natural gas reserves to ammonia and, in turn, to granulated urea.


Press Release, August 16, 2013