VIDEO: Leijsenven Dredging Program (The Netherlands)

Leijsenven Dredging Program

The remediation program of the “Leijsenven” (the project presented in this video) was part of an integral maintenance dredging contract for the City of Boxtel and the Water Board “De Dommel.”

The Leijsenven is situated in the City of Boxtel and has an area of approx. 3 ha. Due to its former use as a natural swimming pool, it was contaminated with copper. In the past copper compounds were used to eliminate the growth of algae.

For KLAAR it was a challenge, not only to remove the sludge by using a cutter suction dredger, but also to store and dewater the contaminated slurry in Geotubes and also reducing its original volume.

KLAAR removed a total of 10600 m3 of contaminated slurry and reduced its volume with more than 40%. It caused not only a substantial saving in transportation costs, but also a reduction in dumping fees.

Furthermore, the project was realized in a much shorter period of time.


Dredging Today Staff, August 20, 2013

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