Thailand: Ayutthaya to Get New Flood Wall

Ayutthaya to Get New Flood Wall

Portable Flood Wall is a benchmark for improved flood management schemes in Ayutthaya.

High-level provincial officials of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province yesterday revealed that Panan Cherng Wora Wiharn Temple( วัดพนัญเชิง ) in Ayutthaya is in the process of constructing a flood wall at the cost of 148 million baht alloted by the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning.

The protection scheme is similar to the existing one at Chai Wattanaram Temple, where portable floodwalls can be lowered and raised according to water levels. The new wall, 596 meters in length, is being constructed along the temple’s river front at the height of 2.5 meters.

The wall is due for completion by September 2 this year.

Panan Cherng Wora Wiharn Temple is also a bethel for a sacred Buddha statue, a figure worshiped by the community and Buddhists in particular, whilst being a significant tourist attraction. The completion of the flood wall will make the temple a safe harbor for people during natural disasters.

Regardless, the project acts as a benchmark for flood defense projects in the province, as there are 14 other sites, which on average are 70% complete. 27 more projects will be implemented in the coming year.


Press Release, August 29, 2013