Muddy River Project Scheduled for Next Week (USA)

Muddy River Project Scheduled for Next Week

Construction activities continue on Phase 1 of the $30.9 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Environmental Restoration project in Boston, Mass., and starting on Sept. 16 will involve a change in both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Brookline Avenue between the Riverway Connector and Park Dive will become one-way only headed inbound. Traffic coming down Brookline Avenue or Boylston Street outbound that want to continue down Brookline Avenue to the medical center will need to travel around the rotary between Brookline Avenue, the Riverway and along Fenway.

The recommended plan consists of a combination of the 20-year flood risk management plan and extensive environmental dredging.

The major features of the federally recommended plan include: improvements to protect against a flood with a return frequency of 20 years to include channel improvements, removal of undersized culverts, installation of two new culverts, and daylighting two sections (about 700 linear feet) of the Muddy River; dredging approximately 200,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Fens, Riverway, Leverett, Willow and Wards Ponds (the material will be dewatered on site and disposed of in licensed upland landfills); eradication of Phragmites from wetland and riparian areas by dredging and cutting/herbicide treatment; and preservation and restoration of the historic park shoreline and vegetation in construction areas.


Press Release, September 11, 2013