Abu Dhabi, NMDC Host Workshop on Construction Site Security (UAE)

Abu Dhabi, NMDC Host Workshop on Construction Site Security

The Environment, Health and Safety Division at Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration and integration with National Marine Dredging Co. has conducted a specialized workshop to map out appropriate mechanisms to address potential risks at construction sites, heighten workers’ awareness about EHS values & standards and nurture safe & sound work environment.

Engineer Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector, said, “This workshop, which is held jointly with the National Marine Dredging Co., underscores of commitment the Municipality as well as its strategic partners to foster a safe & healthy working environment, conserve environment and reduce accidents & injuries in the building & construction industry by leveraging workers awareness level across-the-board.

He added, “Cooperation & participation in such workshops aims at promoting & strengthening strategic partnerships with developers, consultants and contractors to enforce safety standards at building & construction projects, in a way that reduces potential risks and provides a safe and healthy working environment.”

Such workshops discussing major building and construction projects and companies’ business, give a good account of the Municipality’s social responsibility & commitment to offer its services to the community & environment in a responsible manner and ensure health, safety and care to its customers and partners. These workshops are also intended to uplift environmental performance of Municipality’s activities and initiatives by conducting workshops and participating in partners’ own workshops, since this partnership commands paramount importance in curbing major health risks & adverse impacts where large numbers of workers exist, besides preserving large capital invested therein,” added Al Sarraj. “The Municipality,” he noted, “is committed to prop up the partnership, create safe & healthy working environment, and continuously seek to improve performance, besides making every endeavour to enforce federal & local laws, adopting best-in-class systems & practices applicable in this score. The civic body also performs periodic & systematic review, provides a appropriate training environment by utilizing the means in hand to enable its partners to dispatch their duties and responsibilities. The Municipality also reviews the implementation and conducts periodic auditing procedures to achieve high levels of performance and comply with the EHS guidelines applicable in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

In the same context, engineer Abdul Aziz Zurub, Director of Environment, Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “All activities & operations adopted in the Municipality’s EHS public policy are based on understanding, addressing & measuring up to the needs & aspirations of its partners, customers, materializing them ground by implementing EHS system, enacting laws & regulations, adopting all procedures and following the best practices required to curtail accidents, injuries & malpractices that adversely impact human health, safety, environment, work and jeopardize the safety of workers and the community at large.

Zurub paid tribute to the Marine Dredging Co. represented in its Prime Support, Ahmed Al Jabir, who showed commitment & responsibility in providing safe working environment for all employees at the company and offering the required training & awareness, ongoing monitoring, besides assessing the implementation process, and appropriateness of resources & scientific material presented during the workshop to reduce and prevent the risks of heat stress and exposure to sunlight, in addition to measuring negative and positive impacts for feedback. He lauded the quarterly awareness plan pursued by the National Marine Dredging Co. through the campaigns undertaken by the company and expressed the Municipality’s readiness, represented in EHS Division, for continued cooperation in all workshops by supporting engineers from both parties. He also welcomed the participation of the company’s experts in such municipal EHS workshops.

Both parties also agreed to hold several meetings detailing the company’s own business, especially its marine construction works to assess and identify risks and best EHS practices & procedures adopted by the company, besides sharing experiences, creating a development mechanism, strengthening measures, developing an awareness plan and offering it at the disposal of all concerned entities to improve performance.


Press Release, September 16, 2013