APB Unveils Port of Mahon Dredging Plans (Spain)

APB Unveils Port of Mahon Dredging Plans

Yesterday, the Spanish Official Gazette published the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands’ 2012 Financial Statements, which showed profits of €14.4 million and a turnover of €59.5 million.

These statements were audited by the State Comptroller’s Office with no reservations.

Looking to the future, the APB’s investment plan includes a budget of €33.7 million for 2014.

Priorities at the Port of Palma include the extension of the berthing line at the West Breakwater to cater for large cruise vessels, and redefining the surface layout of the Poniente Quays to improve the services offered to customers.

Investment priorities at the Port of Ibiza centre on redesigning the port seafront, and developing and improving the commercial quays.

Finally, investment at the Port of Mahon has been assigned to the dredging work, building the Cós Nou road, and constructing a dolphin for cruise vessels to berth at on the Passenger Quay.

The 2014 investment plan took into account the reduction in port charges announced by the APB a few months ago which aimed to cut costs in the logistics chain and in turn encourage a decrease in the prices of basic consumer goods as a result of lower transport costs.

Accordingly, the forecast budget for 2014 reflects a 30% reduction in passenger charges and an additional 5% in the goods charge (this charge was put down 5% in July 2012) which aim to boost the Balearic Islands’ economy.

The 2014 budget also includes the lower charges announced by the Spanish Development Minister, Ana Pastor, totalling 5% of the basic amounts of the main port use charges and approximately 8.5% of the occupancy charge.


Press Release, September 19, 2013