CHEC Nabs Yanbu Port Development Contract (Saudi Arabia)

CHEC Nabs Yanbu Port Development Contract

CHEC won the bid for Yanbu Industrial Port extension project in Saudi Arabia on September 11. This project is located at Yanbu, a western city in Saudi Arabia, the client is the Port Authority of Saudi Arabia and the contract amount is about USD 29 million and the time limit for this project is 660 days.

The project mainly covers the following work: a backfill of about 1,200,000m3, yard road and yard clearing; drainage system, including the processing and supply facilities for rainwater, domestic and industrial wastewater, drinking water, fire-fighting water and irrigation water, etc,; electric power supply and communication system; and other relevant supporting facilities.

This is another project for which CHEC won the bid in Yanbu Industrial Port, showing the trust of Port Authority of Saudi Arabia in CHEC’s project implementation and management. It is beneficial for CHEC to consolidate its market position in this region and further build a closer cooperative relation with the Port Authority of Saudi Arabia, and it also lays a foundation for CHEC to develop a larger market in the future.


Press Release, September 30, 2013

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