Minister Buswell: New Life for Broome Wharf (Australia)

New Life for Broome Wharf

The Kimberley community is set to benefit from a $24.15million investment to refurbish and repair the Broome wharf.

The State Government today approved funding for the Broome Wharf Extension of Life Project at Broome Port.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the Broome wharf, operated by the Broome Port Authority, serviced the only deepwater port in the Kimberley region.

“The project involves removing sections of the original wharf’s concrete deck to access the steelwork underneath; replacing corroded sections of the steelwork; reinstating the concrete deck; and refurbishing and repairing the supporting piles,” Mr Buswell said.

“This funding allows for the structural integrity of the wharf to be restored, enabling the Broome Port Authority to continue using the facility at full capacity to service the needs of the Kimberley community.

“The Broome Port plays a critical role in supporting the local economy, and through the continued operation of the wharf, this economy will be able to expand through ongoing commercial opportunities.”

The Broome Wharf Extension of Life Project is funded through the Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls said the project would support economic growth and diversification of business in the West Kimberley maritime logistics sector.

“The industries serviced by Broome Port Authority include oil and gas, petroleum, livestock, cruise shipping and coastal trading and we anticipate the continued growth of these sectors through improvements to the wharf infrastructure,” Mr Grylls said.

Mr Buswell said the Broome Port was a service oriented port which had been operating from the existing wharf since 1966, with an extension completed in 2006.

Without this urgent maintenance work, the Broome wharf would be closed to major port users in 2015-16,” he said.

The Broome Port Authority will start the project immediately.


Press Release, October 14, 2013

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