Italy: Drafflow Presents Its New Product Catalogue

Drafflow Presents Its New Product Catalogue

Dragflow, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience, has presented its new product catalogue.

We are proud to have one of the most efficient dredging technology that allows our customer to save on operating costs but also on CO2 emissions. Together with this Dragflow has been one of the most innovative companies in introducing ultimate solutions to improve dredging and mining operations“, they announced.

The new products introduced in the catalogue are:

– EL100 family: EL110 – EL180 and EL200;

– Advanced control panels: to monitor dredging pumps from remote locations;

– The line of Booster stations: to reach longer discharge distance;

– The line of Remote controlled dredges: to make life easier and safer;

– The ultimate Amphibious dredge: to work with no limits;

– The high depth dredging systems: for working depth up to 250m (820ft).

Dragflow re-organized the electric pumps in:

– Heavy Duty Pumps: the well known Dragflow slurry pumps with some new models;

– Super Duty Pumps: the line of pump for the most tough applications: slurry SG up to 1,7 ton/m;

– High Head Heavy Duty: the revolutionary high head line for very heavy applications (up to 75m).

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Press Release, October 15, 2013