USA: Officials Launch Construction of Jimmy Deloach Connector Project

Officials Launch Construction of Jimmy Deloach Connector Project

Governor Nathan Deal led a host of state and local leaders yesterday in officially beginning construction of a key transportation infrastructure component for the Port of Savannah – the much-anticipated “last mile” Jimmy Deloach Connector project.

“Today, we take another step toward making sure companies can get their goods in and out of the Port as safely and as quickly as possible, thereby saving time, money and lives,” Governor Deal commented. “When we finish deepening the Port, I believe even more trucks will use this route, and that’s why this project is so important to us. Companies using these new (larger, post-Panamax) ships will need cost-effective and time-efficient methods of transporting goods to and from the Port. Our state has worked hard to make sure they have exactly that. We have improved our rail and road system so businesses will have the transportation network they need to get their goods where they need to go.”

“The Deloach Connector shows the unprecedented level of cooperation and collaboration between Governor Deal, the Transportation and Ports Authority boards and Georgia DOT,” commented Transportation Board Chairman Jay Shaw. “We all understand that so much of Georgia’s growth and prosperity are inextricably linked to the success of our ports and to our ability to complement them with the best surface logistics network in the nation. That is exactly what we are committed to do.”

“This project will reduce the amount of time, costs and emissions required to move products to and from the international marketplace,” observed Robert Jepson, the Port Authority’s Chairman. “When complete, the Jimmy Deloach Parkway will provide direct access from I-95 to the Port of Savannah and help to form a cargo beltway serving the fourth busiest and single largest container terminal in North America. Because of the keen foresight and strong commitment from the State of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia Ports Authority, we can rest assured that the Port of Savannah will continue to provide the best services for its customers and economic opportunities throughout the Southeast.”


Press Release, October 18, 2013