VIDEO: BPUB Provides Resaca Restoration Update (USA)

BPUB Provides Resaca Restoration Project Update

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board’s Resaca Restoration Project is currently underway.

This project is necessary because sediment, trash and other debris has built up over the years, impeding water flow in these waterways. The only way to return the resacas to their original depth is to dredge them.

This week’s BPUB Update looks at new challenges facing the Resaca Restoration Project crew as they put down pipes through Gladys Porter Zoo.

After dredging the Cemetery Resaca, BPUB will move on to other Phase I sites, which include the Gladys Porter Zoo resacas and canals, Dean Porter Park Resaca, and the Resaca Boulevard Resaca.


Dredging Today Staff, October 22, 2013