France: Officials Seek Contractor for GPMR Dredging

Officials Seek Contractor for GPMR Dredging

Grand Port Maritime de Rouen has invited bidders to submit their offers for the Hautot-sur-Seine dredging program.

The main goal of this cleanup venture is to improve access to the Grand Seaport Rouen (GPMR).

The GPMR dredging contract will consist of deepening the Hautot-sur-Seine swinging area, and includes the following services:

– Removal of a sheet pile wall (approx. 550m);

– Removal of a sunken barge – reinforced concrete located in the current bank (size 50m x 12m, in 2 pieces);

– Dredging in the current bank to connect with the new seawall built prior to these works;

– Dredging in the navigation channel and the influence of swinging area current.

The disposal of the hydraulically dredged material will be carried out at designated sites.

The project period is 10 months from the date of contract award, and the tender deadline is November 15, 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, October 25, 2013