Greens: Hunt Should Refuse Gina’s Kevin (Australia)

Hunt Should Refuse Gina’s Kevin

The Australian Greens are calling on the Government to refuse Gina Rinehart’s massive Kevin’s Corner coal mine tomorrow, as it would be a disaster for the climate and the Great Barrier Reef if approved.

“Coal in the Galilee Basin must stay in the ground if we are to deliver a safe climate and a sustainable economy to our grandchildren, rather than just make Gina Rinehart richer,Australian Greens’ mining spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said.

“This enormous open cut and underground coal mine, producing 30 million tonnes of coal every year for several decades, will significantly increase Australia’s contribution to global warming.

“With the Climate Change Authority set to report tomorrow on what Australia’s emissions reductions target should be, now is not the time to be approving a major new source of greenhouse gas emissions.

“What’s more, the masses of coal produced would be exported through the Great Barrier Reef, requiring Abbot Point coal port to be expanded by dredging 3 million cubic metres of seabed and dumping it offshore, treating the Reef like a rubbish tip and shipping super highway for the big miners.

“Any approval of Kevin’s Corner will be a de facto approval of the expansion of Abbot Point coal terminal, now due for decision just before Christmas after Minister Hunt’s delay.

“The Greens will be writing to the World Heritage Committee to draw their attention to the continued planned destruction of the Great Barrier Reef with a litany of coal mines and ports still steaming ahead through the approval process, despite the Committee’s recommendations for a pause on new approvals and for no new ports or damaging port expansions.

“The Greens will continue to stand up to this Government – populated with environmental vandals and climate sceptics – as they continue to put the big miners ahead of people, the environment and our climate,” Senator Waters said.


Press Release, October 29, 2013