Jamaica: KCT Expansion Project Remains on Stream

KCT Expansion Project Remains on Stream

Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Dr. Omar Davies, said that the expansion and modernisation of the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) remains on stream, with geotechnical work being undertaken.

Speaking during Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Dr. Omar Davies informed that the three companies, which have been shortlisted to undertake the expansion project, are awaiting the results of the survey.

They have to ascertain what exactly is at the bottom of the Kingston harbour. I prefer to be guided by analysis rather than by guess work. The work is proceeding …the projected cost of the dredging can move from $75 million to $150 million, depending on whether it is silt or rocks and where these things are located,Dr. Davies said.

The dredging of the Kingston Harbour Access Channel is a critical component of the expansion and modernization of the KCT.

The objective of the expansion is to increase the access channel depth from 14 metres to 17 metres to accommodate 14,500 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) container vessels, which will traverse the Panama Canal upon completion of its expansion. This project is now expected to be completed in 2016.


Source: jis.gov.jm, October 31, 2013