China: Bright Future for Dandong Port

Bright Future for Dandong Port

On the morning of November 8, with the ship loading 180,000 tons of iron ore berthing, the annual cargo throughput of Port of Dandong exceeded 100 million tons, which completed a historic breakthrough from a small port to a grand port of 100 million tons.

In recent 3 years, the Port of Dandong has accelerated the development forward deepwater, and invested more than CNY 10 billion for berth construction, opening ship routes, perfecting supporting functions, and integrating the hinderland.

Grain berths, bulk cargo berths, container berths, ore berths, oils and chemical berths and other specialized berths went into operation in succession.

Three port areas have over 30 production berths. The annual comprehensive throughput is 200 million tons. They opened bulk cargo routes, container routes and passenger routes with over 90 ports of more than 70 countries and districts.


Press Release, November 12, 2013