Angola: Lobito Port Expansion Project Gets Prestigious Award

Lobito Port Expansion Project Gets Prestigious Award

On October 18, Lobito Port Expansion Project General Manager Department was invited to attend the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Catumbela, Angola.

The mayor of Catumbela, Alice Filomena Pascoal, awarded the “Special Award of Merit of Catumbela” to the Project Management Dep. in person. The politician representatives of Benguela government, Catumbela government and Lobito government participated in this ceremony. This event was covered fully by the news media and broadcasting stations of Angola.

Mayor Alice indicated that since the founding of Catumbela government, it had established a close relationship with CHEC. He expressed his appreciation of CHEC for its great support for the work of municipal government.

Catumbela welcomed large enterprises with advanced technology to settle. She pointed out that while contracting to construct high-quality projects, CHEC also paid attention to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility and that CHEC was a model of Chinese enterprises. He hoped to keep a good partnership with CHEC.

Deputy General Manager Lu Yunpeng of Angola Regional Management Center, on behalf of the Project Managementr Department, accepted the certificate and indicated that CHEC, as a large transnational enterprise, never forgot to repay the local government and people. This was their established policy and also the basic solution to development based on the local place. He hoped that in the future, CHEC could continue to make progress together with Catumbela.


Press Release, November 18, 2013