Kuwait: Subiya Dredging Project Underway

Subiya Dredging Project Kicks Off

The first hydraulic reclamation operation of Kuwait Subiya Dredging Project is currently underway.

“Huatailong” cutter suction dredger travelled to and fro between the construction area and the hydraulic reclamation area. The equipment ran smoothly, achieving a good result.

The designed length of temporary channel of this project is 7700m; the bottom is 163m wide; the excavation amount is about 5,300,000m3; the planned project duration is 4 months. The sub-contractor CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd. dispatched the full-intelligent “Huatailong” vessel which was imported from the Netherlands to work. This vessel can conduct dredging operation even when the hull is moving, which guarantees the smooth implementation of the project.

The success of the first hydraulic reclamation operation marks that the project implementation has entered a substantial stage. It is widely acclaimed by the owner and the industry of Kuwait, presents a good enterprise management appearance and also lays a foundation for the follow-up market development.


Press Release, November 18, 2013