Deltares: Beach Pavilions in Scheveningen Not Winter-Proof

Beach Pavilions in Scheveningen Not Winter-Proof

The trial with opening the beach pavilions near the port of Scheveningen through the winter has been suspended in the light of the results of a study by Deltares.

The study has shown that the pavilions, which were to be built on a sand layer rising to NAP +4.5 metres, are not safe. During the storm season, there is a strong probability that a large amounts of the sand will be washed away by the waves and that the water will be so high that the terrace and the pavilion will be flooded.

Pavilions only safe if raised or on piles

To guarantee safety, the layers of sand would have be more than one and a half metres higher than in the current plan, or pile foundations will be needed for the pavilions.

The study was conducted for the City of The Hague and in collaboration with TNO and the Expertcentre Regulations in Building.


Press Release, November 25, 2013