Chaozhou Port to Get New Terminal (China)

Chaozhou Port to Get New Terminal

CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently signed the contract for survey and design of the 50,000t oil terminal of Chaozhou Port with Yihua Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Located at Chaozhou Port, the project is designed to store and transfer refined oil products like gasoline, diesel and aviation kerosene. The project involves a 50,000t berth and a 2,000t berth, with a designed total floor area of 10,034 square meters, a total tank volume of 295,000 cubic meters, a designed berth length of 296 meters, an annual handling capacity of 3 million tons and a total investment of nearly 400 million yuan.

The company is in charge of initial design, construction drawing design and geological surveys at corresponding stages.

The project is of great strategic significance to removing east Guangdong’s energy bottleneck, increasing the degree of internationalization of Guangdong’s energy supply and building a stable supply foundation.


Press Release, November 29, 2013