Dragflow Launches EL 100 Dredging Pumps (Italy)

Dragflow Launches EL 100 Dredging Pumps

Dragflow launched on the market the new family of electric pumps EL 100. Throughout these five new pumps from 110 to 200 horsepower (EL110, EL110S, EL180, EL180S, EL200), Dragflow extended its wide range of products, designed and developed to answer all the customer needs, with a capacity up to 1.300 cubic meter per hour.

The proposal of these innovative pumps confirm Dragflow as a world leader in the design, production and sales of heavy duty pumps. The EL 100 family can be used for different purposes: the maintenance and restoration of canals, waterways, marshes and ponds or to remove sand, digging and widening a channel, from a harbour entrance.

These new pumps, complete with standard agitator to put solids in suspension ready for pumping, are able to handle up to 70% per weight material density and they’ve a high abrasion resistance and a low rotation speed.

The EL 100 family has been completely designed, manufactured and tested by Dragflow’s technicians and engineers: their decennal experience provides versatility, high performance and unequaled value to the products.


Press Release, December 11, 2013