USA: Dredge Central Acquires DMC

Dredge Central Acquires DMC

Dredge Central LLC (DC) announced that it has acquired certain of the dredge assets previously owned by Dredge and Marine Company LLC (DMC), perhaps the most significant of which is the Dredge & Pit Trader listing service for used dredgers and used marine equipment, pumps, boosters, pipeline, and dredge parts.

The purchased assets, both tangible and intangible, also include all patterns for DMC-brand cutters and sheaves. DC is able to provide custom-built and standard cutters and other parts for virtually any dredge model, including Ellicott, AMMCO, Dixie, DredgeMasters, and others.

DC will now service all DMC dredge owners for spare parts and customer service as required.

Importantly, unlike the former DMC, DC will actively offer its well-known capabilities to refurbish used dredging equipment as part of the sale process, giving both sellers and buyers more options. When DC refurbishes dredges, it offers a warranty, contrasted with the “as-is, where-is” normal condition for used equipment.

Dredge Central does not intend to offer new dredges, under either the DC brand, or the DMC label, focusing instead on the active market for used and refurbished dredges, and continuing to refer opportunities for new dredges to Ellicott Dredges under its existing cross-referral program.

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Press Release, December 19, 2013