Pakistan: CCCC Second Harbor Inks Karachi Port Contract

CCCC Second Harbor Inks Karachi Port Contract

CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently signed the contract for container terminal yard and housing construction at Karachi Deepwater Port, Pakistan, with a contract value of some $100 million and a construction period of 840 days. The company will be in charge of project construction.

The project involves a 1,500-meter frontage, berthing zones in the front of the terminal, the zone for soft foundation treatment of reclaimed land, container yard and housing construction. After the project is completed, the terminal will have four berthing zones, a 106,000-square-meter container storage zone and related auxiliary service facilities.

The project is the fourth continuing project undertaken by CHEC after the container breakwater project of Karachi Deepwater Port. The project will effectively improve the shipping capacity of Pakistan and further consolidate CCCC’s important role in the Pakistani construction market.


Press Release, January 13, 2014


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