India: DDIL Nabs Paradip Port Dredging Contract

DDIL Nabs Paradip Port Dredging Contract

Dharti Dredging and Infrastructure Ltd. (DDIL), the largest provider of dredging services in the India, has won the contract for the capital dredging works at the New South Oil Jetty dock basin at Paradip Port.

This contract was awarded to DDIL by the Paradip Port Trust (PPT), Paradip, the state of Orissa, India. The Paradip port is located at a distance of 210 nautical miles from Kolkata and 260 nautical miles from Visakhapatnam – the other two major ports in the eastern region of the country.

Paradip Port Trust proposes to augment its port infrastructure to handle the future projected traffic. As a part of the augmentation, PPT is implementing the South Oil Jetty project inside the existing harbor area.

The dock basin will be dredged up to -17.10 m below CD to accommodate vessels up to 1, 25,000 DWT. The dredging is to be carried out from +2.0 m CD to -17.1 m CD in the proposed Oil Jetty dock basin with dumping of the dredged material through pipeline in the northern shore line about 5 km away using a combination of submersible, floating and shore pipeline. The duration of the project will be 8 months.

Dharti Dredging and Infrastructure Ltd will deploy for this project its cutter suction dredger DHARTI- XII, the largest in the DDIL’s fleet.


Press Release, February 7, 2014