Comprehensive Life-Cycle Support Package for Huta Marine Works

Comprehensive Life-Cycle Support Package for Huta Marine Works

At the start of 2014, an agreement was reached between Huta Marine Works, the leading marine contractor in Saudi Arabia, and the Training Institute for Dredging (TID) and IHC Parts & Services – both part of the IHC Merwede group.

This agreement concerns the delivery of an extensive life-cycle support (LCS) package, including training programmes, maintenance software and spare parts.

This significant order by Huta Marine Works ensues from earlier contracts for the design, engineering and construction of the HUTA 12, an innovative self-propelled cutter suction dredger. Additionally, the company ordered an accompanying training simulator, featuring a control console exactly like the one found on the vessel currently being built.

The decision to order a fully fledged LCS package illustrates Huta Marine Works’ commitment to investing in its vessels over their complete life cycle, and professional training for their crews and project staff. This will contribute to increased competence levels among employees and an extended lifespan of the company’s valuable assets.

Huta Marine Works

The package comprises project staff training and several weeks of intensive on-the-job training for the vessel’s crew members. It covers a wide range of competences and project-related skills, such as maintenance and operation of the vessel, project management and efficient communication between crew members and personnel on shore. As such, the programme also includes training for project engineers who will eventually deploy the HUTA 12 for dredging operations.

TID’s thorough training of personnel ensures smooth operations and enables the customer to fully benefit from the state-of-the-art equipment it has ordered from IHC Merwede. To keep the vessel performing at an optimum level over its life cycle, advanced maintenance software and a range of spare parts will be provided by IHC Parts & Services.

Tag Saleh, Huta Marine Works’ Director for Dredging, Reclamations & Marine Facilities, said: “Our company operates on a professional level and looks beyond the concerns of today. Life-cycle support provides us with IHC Merwede’s line-up of high-quality products and services, allowing us to maximise the long-term potential of both our staff and equipment.”


Press Release, February 13, 2014