Corps to Announce Tender for Dredger “Essayons” Repair (USA)

Corps to Announce Tender for Dredger Essayons Repair

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, is seeking contractors for the yearly maintenance, overhaul, drydocking, and emergent support requirements of its trailing suction hopper dredger Essayons.

Major works associated with the overhaul and drydocking under this contract will involve:

-Hopper staging and steel repairs;

-Bow thruster remount;

-Drag arm system winch repairs and machinery overhauls;

-Valve repairs;

-Replacement and general ship systems maintenance and repair work;

-Possible replacement of dredge engines, pumps, and piping;

-Hull coating replacement;

-Steering and propeller shaft work (dropping rudders and removing tailshafts);

-Sea valve/sea chest/hull anode replacements and repairs;

-Anchor chain and chain locker removals and inspections;

-Hopper door and actuator repairs.

The USACE Portland Distict maintains a United States Coast Guard (USCG) Certificate of Inspection as well as an American Bureaus of Shipping (ABS) Loadline for this vessel. All work should meet the standards of these two regulatory bodies.

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Source:, March 6, 2014