Ecuador: CWE Wraps Up Tixay River Flood Control Project

CWE Wraps Up Tixay River Flood Control Project

With 9-day consecutive efforts, China International Water & Electric Corporation (CWE) completed the flood control and emergency works of the Canar Flood Control Project on the Tixay River in Ecuador.

The Tixay River, located at the upper reaches of the San Francisco River, Naranjal City, has become an aboveground river as its bed height exceeds the surrounding surface due to disordered excavation and silting-up all year round. In every rainy season, the river floods over its banks, causing difficulties to lives of the residents.

CWE organized water and construction experts for site inspection and finalized the construction plan of 2.2 km open channel excavation.

The project period was from January 20 to 29, with 24-hour works to a total excavation quantity of nearly 70,000m3.


Press Release, March 6, 2014