USA: Charleston District Hosts Meetings on Folly Beach Shore Protection

Charleston District Hosts Meetings on Folly Beach Shore Protection

Last week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, held a series of events for the Folly Beach Shore Protection Project. Each event targeted a different group of people in order to provide detailed information about a project that will directly affect thousands of residents, visitors and tourists for the next decade.

The shore protection project is being done as part of a 50 year agreement with the City of Folly Beach to place sand back onto the beach approximately every eight years due to the change in sediment flow caused by the construction of jetties in Charleston Harbor in 1895. This project will consist of placing approximately 1.5 million cubic yards of sand onto 5.34 miles of beach.

Each of our stakeholders and partners is an important piece of our program, so we aim to keep them as involved as we can,” said Lt. Col. John Litz, district commander. “We work closely with them in every project we do to implement innovative engineering solutions to improve and strengthen the nation.”

District personnel had set up several stations in a conference room at a local hotel to showcase various aspects of the project. One of these was an interactive display of geographic information systems software that shows where exactly on the beach the construction crew is working at any given time.


Press Release, March 24, 2014