Fiji: Oinafa Jetty Project Coming to an End

Oinafa Jetty Project Coming to a close

The Fiji Roads Authority hopes to complete the Oinafa jetty project before May 13, which marks the Rotuma Day, the anniversary of the annexation of the island of Routuma to the United Kingdom.

The Oinafa jetty area hasn’t been dredged since 1976.

The Aauthority awarded $56 million for the renewal and replacement of bridges and jetties, dredging of Oinafa jetty included.

We hope to have the jetty working by the time everyone goes home for Rotuma Day,” authority capital works manager Ian Hunter said.

The tender for the Oinafa jetty project was released on 24th of January 2014 with a seven day deadline.

Oinafa Jetty, as the main point of entry and departure for Rotumans and visitors, is a vitally important place for the economic development.

“The authority was aware the jetty on Rotuma was not working as it should, and it was a priority that people and their goods had access to shipping services,” Christine Serreyn, authority planning and performance manager, said in a recent Fiji Times article.


Dredging Today Staff, April 2, 2014