Astika Holdings Prepares for Growth in Nantong Region (China)

Astika Holdings Prepares for Growth in Nantong Region

Astika Holdings Inc. confirmed its decision to engage in international trade and transactions with Nantong since its economic growth and foreign investments have exceeded all other cities in China’s Yangtze Economic Zone.

Mark Richards, the director for Astika Holdings, said: “Astika’s ongoing strategy through opportunistic high growth sector acquisitions include Nantong Dredging Machinery CO. LTD. in the dredging and shipping sector, the Company’s agriculture ‘Green Future’ initiatives with Nantong’s Grain Seeder of High Accuracy and the Industrial Hemp sector along with Astika’s entrance into negotiations with Nantong Poultry Farming Co. Ltd. in the food service sector intend to benefit the future of Astika’s shareholders along with the Asian, New Zealand and World Markets. We believe to be on track for significant growth with the initial acquisitions from the Nantong Region to deliver revenue and earnings growth.”

The parties have agreed that the acquisition will not engage in any negotiations or discussions with other potential acquirers and have also agreed to maintain the confidentiality of all of the acquisitions in order to protect the acquisition’s competitive interests, and the interests of its many customers and employees, during the period of the acquisitions.


Nantong Dredging is Important Part of Astika’s Strategy, Official Says


Press Release, April 30, 2014

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