Australia: Jetty Replaced at Batavia Coast Marina

Jetty Replaced at Batavia Coast Marina

Work is complete on the $2.1 million replacement of Jetty A at Geraldton’s Batavia Coast Marina.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the brand new modern floating pen system was vastly superior to the original concrete and wood structure which had reached the end of its serviceable life.

The new Jetty A requires minimal maintenance and can accommodate 42 vessels,” Mr Nalder said.

“Pens range in length from 10 to 18m and include two pens for catamarans up to 18m in length. Jetty walkways are now wider and the marina has enhanced fire and security systems.”

Additionally, all of the new pens have a finger jetty extending the entire length of the pen to assist loading, unloading and general access.

Work on the replacement project was undertaken by Walcon Marine Australia Pty Ltd, which had previously completed the installation of floating pens at the Albany Waterfront Marina.

“The project followed a major expansion in pen facilities at the marina with the construction of Jetty B in 2011 which added 42 pens,” the Minister said.

“The Batavia Coast Marina is already highly sought-after because of the high quality of the pen infrastructure and this will be further enhanced by the replacement of Jetty A.”


Press Release, May 12, 2014