USA: Dredging Program at Longboat Key About to Start

Dredging Program at Longboat Key About to Start

The Longboat Key dredging project is expected to begin tomorrow, and it will last until the middle of July.

Dredging operations will typically run six days a week, 12-hours, excluding Saturdays, but may extend to seven days, 24-hour operations.

Heavy equipment will be moving around the beach supporting the dredging operations. An excavator and a bulldozer will create a temporary berm which will collect the sand and water mixture coming out of the pipe.

The heavy sand will fall out and remain on the beach as the water gets routed back into the Gulf of Mexico.

Around 99,000 cubic yards of sand are available in the sand traps to be pumped onto the beach. Monitoring activities and appropriate protective measures for shorebirds and turtles are included in this project.


Press Release, May 13, 2014