UK: Council Prepares Bath Quays Waterside Project

Council Prepares Bath Quays Waterside Project..

Members of the public are invited to find out more about Bath & North East Somerset Council’s plans to prepare the natural environment on the River Avon for regeneration projects and reconnect the river to the heart of Bath.

Bath & North East Somerset Council and the Environment Agency are working together on a major infrastructure project which will provide flood defences for parts of Bath’s city centre and begin to build a positive relationship between the city centre and the River Avon.

The Bath Quays Waterside Project will put in place essential flood mitigation and defence works to the north and south banks of the river between Churchill Bridge and Midland Bridge that address the negative impacts of climate change.

In summary, these interventions will:

• Reduce existing and future flood risk to the Lower Bristol Road and 60 properties on the South side of the river through the provision of new flood defences;

• Provide the flood mitigation to enable the redevelopment of the Bath Quays and Manvers Street sites forming the first step towards the realisation of the Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area and the Council’s ‘Innovation Quays’ project.

The Council and Environment Agency are funding these essential works with a combination of Flood Defence Grant and Revolving Infrastructure funding made available by West of England Local Enterprise Partnership.


Press Release, May 14, 2014