Italdraghe: New Dredger for Ethiopia

New Dredger for Ethiopia

The start of May saw the commissioning of an Italdraghe SGT 250 dredger in Gorgora on the northern shore of Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

The dredger, purchased by the National Ministry of Water and Energy, was assembled in and launched from the town’s port facilities. Following commissioning Italdraghe technicians stayed onsite to provide both theoretical and practical hands-on training to the new local team responsible for dredger operation on and around the lake.

New Dredger for Ethiopia.

The entirely-containerisable SGT 250 dredger is 24 metres long and can dredge down to approximately 8 metres. Designed and built in the Italdraghe shipyard in Italy, it features a spud carriage as well as a tilting-spud mechanism.

This dredger is the latest of a long line of dredgers that Italdraghe has delivered to clients in Africa.


The company has in fact been supplying small and medium-sized cutter suction dredgers and booster stations to the African continent for over the last forty years, starting back in 1972.


Press Release, May 19, 2014